Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

April in birthday central around here.  My first niece turned fifteen on the second, my fifth nice turns six on the twenty-second.  My mom turned [redacted] today, I turn thirty-seven next Saturday, and Liam will be eight on the twenty-eighth.  Whew, it's an expensive and exhausting month! Oh yes, and then there's Easter and Earth Day.

I have always loved April because it starts to warm up, green up, and things start to look up.  It's just an upward kind of month, busy as it may be.  I'm feeling some warm fuzzys as I contemplate all I have, all I've had, and all that might be.  So, as a Taurus I bestow upon you like my kindred spirit Ferdinand the Bull all the beauty and flowers of spring and hope your April shines.

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